Looking northwest at the Exit 9  (Benson Rd) Interchange along I-229Benson Road will soon be seeing development east of I-229 with the expansion of the Bahnson Avenue corridor. Prime land for development from Benson Road to 60th Street North has attracted industrial and commercial attention.  With the plans for additional traffic on the east side of I-229, concerns with long term congestion at Benson Road and I-229 are becoming reality.  For years, traffic levels east of I-229 have been low causing the interchange to operate with little delay even though the interchange sees a significant amount of the traffic in the a.m. periods of the day with users heading to the Industrial and Commercial Parks between Minnesota Avenue and I-229. Benson Road is also planned to expand to the east across the Big Sioux River and eventually connect to the proposed SD 100 corridor.  This study will help determine the feasibility of that connection and potentially when it would be required.

In 2013 and 2014, a study will be conducted to determine ways to:

Benson Rd east of I-229 near Sycamore Ave

Project Update:

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