Rice Street is a desired route for commuters and those using the various industrial parks in NE Sioux Falls. Rice Street carries a significant amount of traffic to large employers like John Morrell and is gateway from Interstate 229 to Falls Park and the Great Bear Recreational Facility.  Rice Street traffic levels will continue to grow, as future streets such as Bahnson Avenue and Veterans Parkway are improved and completed, Rice Street will be that network connection to the west side of Interstate 229 or directly to the interstate.  Adding Rice Street as a sub-study will allow the study team to learn what types of improvements will make Rice Street to be the continued route of choice for those living in Northeast Sioux Falls. Cleveland Avenue is one of the main contributors of traffic to Rice Street; this study will also look at the connection of Cleveland Avenue to Rice Street to determine if further geometric changes can be made that would benefit the overall operation of the intersection. As those that drive this corridor everyday know, the location of the railroad will be a large constraint in options that can be looked at for this corridor and interchange.

In 2016, a study will be conducted to determine what improvements are necessary for the Rice Street interchange to continue to serve the variety of users that it does today in the year 2035.

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